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The principle of Combined Heat and Power (CHP)


The principle of a heating system that also generates electricity has been in existence for many years, especially in relation to large-scale power generation, and is an issue that has become more and more important and increasingly find more acceptance due to the current energy and climate change debates. The technical implementation of this principle of simultaneous heat and electricity generation is known as combined heat and power (CHP) or Heat and Power Generation (HPG).  



The heating that also generates electricity

In a combined heat and power (CHP) system, the energy produced from the heating plant, in our case the boiler, is used simultaneously for power generation and the generation of heat.
Large CHPs with a capacity of up to several hundred megawatts have been reality for a considerable time. The electricity from the cogeneration plant is thereby conducted through the grid to the end consumer. Also the heat generated can not be used locally, but is transported via a district heating network to the end user.
The idea of the simultaneous generation of heat and electricity in CHP plants is now to be implemented in the smaller power range. The new development is that against the backdrop of the energy debate in recent years, more and more so-called mini- and micro-CHPs are emerging into the marketplace which aim to implement a consumer-oriented energy production and distribution.
Various types of cogeneration are currently available and they differ by the type of technology used.


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